Duel (DM6)
10 minutes, Deathmatch 3
Sun 01 December 2002 on unnamed
ping pl frags name Kills Deaths RA GA
13 0 44 ccczalchiuz 44 4 23 5
13 0 -3 __CCC__CAMIKAZE 4 58 3 7
Award Score Winner(s)
Frag Streak 31 ccczalchiuz
Spawn Fragger 2 ccczalchiuz
Friday 27 Dec 2002, 16:33
argentina... didnt they kick usa's (which consisted of fkn rookies) ass in basketball "world" championships?
Friday 27 Dec 2002, 16:48
hmm.. one is a scripter, the other is a joysticker, both have 13 ping and both exhibit horrendous aim

Friday 27 Dec 2002, 17:12
Normally I do not comment on shitty games and say "YOu suck" or anything, but this is honestly one of the worst games I have ever seen, I'm sorry.
Friday 27 Dec 2002, 19:44
u didn?t need to say that even if u that is ur opinion armageddon :( keep up the nice qwgibbing work argentinian gringos!! :)
Friday 27 Dec 2002, 21:58
the comments are for politely expressing one's opinion... which Armageddon did.
there are too many demos for one person to watch... I appreciate an honest review.
I downloaded it already though. :)
Friday 27 Dec 2002, 23:47
Thanx every1 for the (nice) comments ;)

I also think this game sucked, we were playing with "shitty pheriperals" and just 4 fun (NOT THINKING)

anyways, we started qwing like 5 months ago and we play like twice per month so i thnk our "suckness" it?s "understandable" :P

Ok, my english sucks too, so what

no offense taken, actually i?m happy at least some1 watched it :)

finally, the new auto-upload system works gr8
keep up the good work ppl at ch-tv 8)
locktar marry me
Saturday 28 Dec 2002, 16:28
Haha qw in Argentina B>
Keep it up guys!
Ps. Hagge is HOT :<
Sunday 29 Dec 2002, 05:50
*blushed* 8(