Free For All (AEROWALK)
Rating: 1.4 (28 votes)
10 minutes, Deathmatch 3
Fri 09 December 2005 on UK2 London KTPro #3
ping pl frags name Kills Deaths RA YA GA QUAD PENT
32 0 109 kingpin 114 53 6 7 11 16 1
68 0 68 nitemare 73 63 8 4 3 10 1
25 0 61 gore 66 75 2 5 10 10 1
46 0 53 Jacobite 56 80 2 4 5 9 1
30 0 48 atrophy 54 78 3 3 12 10 1
55 0 8 faegnoob 14 88 5 1 8 10 1
Award Score Winner(s)
Frag Streak 15 kingpin
Spawn Fragger 17 kingpin
Friday 09 Dec 2005, 01:32
kingpin go play insa for americup :)
Friday 09 Dec 2005, 02:05
This is amazing stuff the best ffa demo ever. It looks like Reppie is not the king of aero anymore so sad :( kingpin is the new aero owner BE.
Friday 09 Dec 2005, 03:55
The efficiency stats at the end of match is the same as my rating for how worthy this is for viewing. Where's your head at Kingpin ;(

Request: Upload you playing Adren on aero, he says you're a total newb on dm2, dm4, dm6.

"king never beat me on dm6 dm4 dm2 when we played it was always 30ish to 5 on dm6 50 to 10 dm4"

Friday 09 Dec 2005, 07:48
is this with quad? if so, it aint that much. ive got 100+ frags in 2on2's a few times. >:
Friday 09 Dec 2005, 08:27
go play against anyone good player.
Friday 09 Dec 2005, 09:06
huhu well ive played lots of good players and lots of bad ones, lost some won some...i upload demos based on nice frags ...(according to me)...not based on competition.

oneshotflinch, you are a waste of meat, blood and bandwidth my friend.

Friday 09 Dec 2005, 15:52

Have fun getting raped in AC2. That is, if you have the balls to show up to any of your games :D

Oohhh I see. You're playing the good guy for a change, yeah you lose some you win some, and you only up based on frags right? Praise the fucking lord Kingpin has changed his ways, and gone from a self-absorbed, self-promoting ignorant asshole to a well mannered thoughtful addition to the qw community. Yeah right.

You call me a waste, omg haha, you're talking about yourself dude. What possibly could come good into this world from a rancid little cock-weasel such as yourself?

Stop being a smart-ass and start taking a good long look at yourself in the mirror fuck-head.

Saturday 10 Dec 2005, 11:14
up until now you actually seemed smart and intelligent, somewhat cynical and bitter perhaps..

but now you just confirmed that you are a bad person...

Saturday 10 Dec 2005, 11:30
i just say "go play against anyone good player"

the #7 not is mine
Saturday 10 Dec 2005, 12:54
Calling him "a waste of meat, blood and bandwidth" in the first place might have something to do with his reaction, kidping. I won't judge anyone here, but it's a fact that you take negative criticism way too personally.

Saturday 10 Dec 2005, 13:16
atleast i upload demos, some people like them, some don't...

all OSF does is complain and being a cocksucker, really do you think YOU are a "thoughtful addition" to the community?

you are just a hater, there have been many before you, and probably will be many after you, but you all still can SUCK MY DICK :D

upload some of your own demos...

Saturday 10 Dec 2005, 22:39
Apoc hit it dead on. He pretty much summed up my position perfectly on this matter.

Kingpin, if what you said in #8 about thinking I was intelligent and whatnot was true, then you did take my criticisms way too personally to call me a waste and shit. I really thought this demo was garbage, but that's not to say I don't think you're a half bad qw player with potential overall.

Telling you this demo was crap was really for your own good because I know you care what people think about you as a qw player. This demo really does nothing for your image and if anything, playing FFA with Quad and running are mindlessly killing people, is just gonna make people think you're a glorified newb and less likely to download your demos in the future. That's just my honest opinion.
Sunday 11 Dec 2005, 11:48
how does being "bad" have to do anything with intelligence and smartness? the worst argument ever is to refer to ones intelligence when the one does nothing but purely criticises. even if the criticism (or how the fuck do u type it anyway) is really negative and based mostly on dissing someone it doesnt have anything to do with intelligence
Sunday 11 Dec 2005, 14:13
I think what he meant is that initially he was on the fence as to whether or not my responses were honest reactions or designed soley to antagonize and get people worked up.

Monday 12 Dec 2005, 16:17
still some people like to see ffa demos as well, they can be fun or contain nice frags. All you did here was attack the player and being an asshole, ofcourse he's going to respond like that. How can posting a negative comment on a ffa demo posted for fun honestly be constructive critisism.

Even though it is stated that it is an FFa demo you still watch it, wtf?? apparantly your argument that people are less likely to download future demos is wrong becasue people like you will always download new demo's on this site even if the description states enough information on whether it is intresting for them (or in your case : not)
Monday 12 Dec 2005, 16:19
actually forgot to add that the demo was cool in periods.
Monday 12 Dec 2005, 23:49
Are you female? It sounds like your heart breaks for Kingpin ;( Ever thought of just asking him to marry you?

There's a reason that 99% of the players that frequent this site only play FFA for aim practice or out of sheer bordeom. If you're gonna upload a FFA it better be damn good. Like reppie skills showing all sorts of cool frags and intresting movement to make it worthwhile for people here to enjoy. I can guarantee you what Kingpin pulls off in this demo would not be very difficult for anyone else viewing these demos to do. FFA is fine for like goofing off, but your FFA skills is highly unlikely to impress a DM player. Adding Quad to FFA makes it even more of a joke. Practically every DM player knows this, so by uploading a mediocre FFA demo is actually just gonna turn a lot of people off and make it more difficult for people to take Kingpin and his demos seriously.
Tuesday 13 Dec 2005, 15:03
way to miss my point.
from everything you say it can be concluded you knew this demo would not be impressive and still you watch it. Aerowalk is fucking ages old, what kind of intresting movement would you expect. ever considered the posibility that kingpin did not upload this as a way to show of, but simply to have some more demo input in this site ? for the people intrested in something different from normal. If you considered kingpin a decent dm player why would 1 ffa demo make you think different about his dm capabilities. I agree that the demo is not that special especially since one of the players is a total noob but in your comments you act like an idiot.

Tuesday 13 Dec 2005, 16:17
Wake the fuck up moron. It is you who is missing the point. I never concluded that this demo was going to not be impressive until I watched it. If you like FFA and you think Kingpin is an impressive FFA player, then knock yourself out all you want. Stop whining, making assumptions and stfu already.
Tuesday 13 Dec 2005, 23:24
whatever idiot. have fun watching every single demo posted on this site and stating your opinion about it. I understand that i was indeed stupid to make a comment on your whines
Tuesday 13 Dec 2005, 23:45
No, you're just indeed stupid - period. Grow-up kid.
Tuesday 27 Dec 2005, 14:30
where's oneshotflinch's demos?
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